Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 7th

Good morning,

I am sorry for the lack of pictures. I got one up last night and it took a half hour. So I tried to

load 5 at a time, and while I was waiting, I clicked on the picture I loaded, then pushed back and it was all gone. I was so pissed, I had to walk away. So I will try a couple here now while I am waiting for the taxi. I believe you can click on them to make them bigger.

We are heading to Kings Camp this morning.

Gudrun, all was great in Richards Bay. The hotel was nice. More from Kings Camp.....


Lou Ann said...

Wow the baby zebras are amazing!And the nursing baby elephant is out of this world. I can't believe the mom didn't object to your being so close to her young. Jules, I can't believe you took those instead of a professional photographer who had them published in a book or on line. What a blessing to have the opportunity to go there and see a whole different world from ours. Makes you feel small hue?

Don't let technology spoil you time there. Just take lots so you can make a photo book of your blog when you get home.

Safe travels!
Lou Ann

Shannon said...

Now that is a cool picture!!!!!Perfect to enlarge....hint hint. I have been following but some comments post while others don't, who knows. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling good oomps. Hopefully thats the last of that through the rest of your trip. I can't believe monkeys are running around your hotel with sugar, thats a hillarious mental picture. Well keep enjoying you guys!!!

Gudrun MacDonald said...

joy your time at King's Camp. I'll keep checking up on everyone so that everything runs smoothly. I hope that you saw some lions tonight and a nice big herd of elephants. The one's you saw in Zulu Nyala seemed very small. But the Nyala is beautiful. I doubt you will see such a fine specimen in the Timbavati but at Inyati you might. Hopefully you will also see a nice herd of buffalo at King's Camp. Wish I was there! Good night and ENJOY!

Gudrun MacDonald said...

Well I don't know what happened to all the stuff I wrote before this message. It just all of a sudden disappeared and only the last bit stayed in the window. I had written a long message about how PH in RB could not find the payment for your accommodation and fortunately my sixth sense made me phone just at the time you checked in. Hope they gave you your packed breakfast. Tried to phone you at King's Camp tonight - you had just returned from the game drive but the guy managed to cut me off instead of putting me through to your room. Will try again tomorrow after you returned from your bush walk. Sleep tight!