Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 8th

What a difference a day makes! Let me first say that we now fear our soap dish, but I will get to that in a bit. I am going to attempt to load some more pictures, but this is a reeeeaaaallllly slow computer.

Gudrun, all was good at the Protea, so thanks! And with David's technical skills, I am sorry to report that your call did come through but David thought he had to hang up...~rolling eyes~

King's Camp is indescribable! To our camp from the plane, it was probably 5 minutes and on the way we saw a lion and lioness lazing under some trees right off the road.
We got in just in time for some fabulous lunch and 45 minutes later we were on our 1st drive. Unlike Zulu Nyala, where there were 3 safari vehicles surrounding 3 elephants, we were one vehicle surrounded by 30 elephants! It was an incredible sight! But not to be outdone, 2 leopard were relaxing on a termite mound, just like you would see on National Geographic. Our photos are awesome, I am just not sure what I will be able to share or when. It was hot, the african sunset is everything it is made out to be. We got back around 7-7:30 for dinner, which was the distance...anyone want to take a guess? There was lightning and the wind picked up. Ok this is where the soap dish comes in. I am in bed and David comes out of the bathroom abd says "so what is 13 degrees celcius and 19 degrees celcius? Because that was the low and hi for today. We are now freezing our asses off, the wind is really whippin and on and off drizzle. I was so flipping cold this morning I could barely stand it. So if it does not change, I will probably not go out tonight-it was brutal. Plus all our cold weather clothes are now dirty. So we are doing laundry for about $75.00 lol

Ok so this morning's drive, since it was so cold, pretty much all but the impala were bedded down staying warm. Oh and of course the 50 elephants we were surrounded by again. I just can't describe it. BUT our biggest thrill were the male lions that we were literally 5 feet from. They are just so magestic. The one was truely the LION KING! 2 of the them were the sons of the big male. Usually they move off on their own, but like one of the guys on our drive said, the economy is probably getting the better of them and they had to come home. They are about 3 years old and it is very unusual. But with the cool weather they were huddled together. The big male-Dad, was about 100' away, keeping somewhat of an eye on them but more or less just napping. They are so awesome.

So while I was drying my hair in our huge room(by the way we are extremely catered to) in the mirror, I could see behind me a herd of about 30 elephants about 200' from us, all different sizes, just mozying past. It really is indescribable. Although we did see a lot at Zulu Nyala, it is different here because it truely is wild. I so want to share our pictures with you. I'm Trying!

Yes You You we may have had a tough time just the 2 of us. But it truely is amazing!
OOMPS we love you too, and we have some great pictures for you!! I can't wait to show you! Can you give Miah a call and check on Riddick for me please? I am not checking emails. Next thing you know I am on a working vacation.

Love you all and thanks again Gudrun for having our back!


Gudrun MacDonald said...

Wow - you saw leopard - and not only 1 but two! You are just soooo lucky. That is one animal I have never had the luck of seeing. I knew I should have come along with you! As to the weather - that is unfortunately out of my control. I can go to church tomorrow and pray that the sun will shine again for you and see whether it will work. I really don't know what is going on with the weather. This is normally we weather we have in August, not November. I am telling you Julie, the world is turning upside down - the big science shots just have not noticed it yet but I am convinced of it. The summers in Europe are getting hotter by the year and our winters get longer and colder every year. So the world must be turning in the wrong direction - I am convinced of that.
Ask the lodge for some blankets to wrap yourself in and put a towel around your head if you don't have a scarf. The advantage of the wind is that your clothes will dry very quickly and hopefully be returned to you super quick. An tonight if you have your dinner in the boma, drink a Schnapps - that will keep you warm :-) Bye for now.

jermiah said...

hey i have been following your blog, sopunds like you two are having a blast. cant wait to see some more pictures, and dont worry about riddick he is great, im sure he misses you though. Tell unc david to go pet one of the lions. lol. if he doesnt tell him he is a weenie

Lou Ann said...

This new place sounds amazing and a little be wild and crazy. Herds of elephants right outside your window - how cool is that?

Lou Ann