Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28

One more day..yay! As usual, we got up yesterday morning and found that Air France had canceled us again(that would make 5 times!). While David wrote down what I had just entered to make sure I didn't enter incorrectly, which I didn't, I went to my other computer, pulled it up and all was confirmed. Hmmm, do you think they are just messing with me now or what! I guess this is what to expect when you use frequent flier miles and only pay $99.50 a ticket. But since we will be traveling within 24 hours, I will be printing out our boarding passes real soon so they can't re-neg on me.

I am including some photos of my family, so I can have my shiny familiar faces just a click away while in an unfamiliar world.

If anyone runs into something that looks like this:

Could you please give him a hug and kiss for me?
This is mostly for me, I will be missing him while I am gone.

12:00pm Ok, I just tried to print our boarding passes, and conveniently, Air France ticketing through the website is down. Hmmm. I think I have a flagged reference number. We'll get to the airport and find we won't be getting on! Arrrrrggghhhh
3:30pmOK SO THIS IS IT. I am officially holding 2 confirmations saying we are checked in. Although they aren't boarding passes, it's the next best thing. I wish my back understood that-it's prrrretty tight at the moment.