Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th

Good morning,

Let me first thank my followers-Sean, Gudrun and Paula. Nice to see the faces! And for all who are leaving comments. It makes me feel a little less far away. Oomps, sounds like Halloween was a hit! I hate those invisible curbs, but if I remember correctly, we seemed to hit one of those every year. Sorry I missed this one. Hi to Mom and Dan too.

You You, I am glad to hear I dream of Jeannie was a one of a kind out there! Yes, I was concerned of the doctor thing this morning, which is why I am writing now. I had some very bad cramps this morning, chills and you know what goes along with that. I was supposed to be on a game drive right now, but we stayed back. I wanted Dave close, so he didn't go either. But I am happy to report I am feeling better now.

Gudrun, thank you for your babysitting. It makes me feel much more comfortable with you having my back!! I was going to try to call you and have you update for me, but with the storm, we had no phone either. Thanks!

We were viewing what we believe was our 1st male elephant through our binocs from our deck this morning. I don't believe we will see any cats here, but more of an opportunity at our Kruger lodges. I am pretty apprehensive around the elephants-they have a baby and seem to be more on the aggressive side. We had to back up a few times as one of them were getting a little too close for comfort. But we have gotten killer photos of most everything we see so I cannot wait to share them with you. We switched lodges yesterday and our view here is spectacular!!! I can't wait for it to clear up and warm up so it will really be perfect! I am hoping to get a new plug that will support our camera card if we go to the market today. I am excited to share photos!
I will check in later!
Love, Julie
PS Sorry about #2 but we love you!

November 3

We're still here! We had a marathon storm. You couldn't even count to 4 before another lightening strike would hit, and it lasted like 13 hours!!!! It was absolutely amazing! Needless to say the internet was down as well as the phone lines.

I don't even know where to start we have seen so much in the last 48 hours. we have now moved to the game lodge. The views here are awesome. Please send parkas. It must have been 105 degrees and 100% humidity yesterday and the day before and on tonights game drive it was probably in the upper 40s and misting.

But we had our best drive yet. We saw the 3 elephants-they are 2 females and the baby. The baby was nursing and soooo cute. We got pictures. I am hoping to get some to you on Thursday. We saw about 20 baboons, the momma rhino and her baby also nursing. We have now encountered 2 green mamba snakes, one slithered right past us on our pathway at the lodge, a labamba snake, also poisonous, and our friends saw a brown bufala? snake right at the entry of our new lodge this afternoon. The lodge was very concerned with this one and made sure to remove it. The birds, insects and the lizards are extremely colorful. I will have to catch you up to speed bits at a time as we are so far behind.

We went to visit a rural village today. Went into a children's classroom, and they sang to us. I think they were about 4-5 years old. The town is extremely poverty striken and the aids rate is at 34%. They are just so undereducated. One guy would sleep around, knew he had aids, but would tell them he was ok because he took a shower. We toured a homestead where an 82 year old grandma was raising her 6 grandchildren. The father was killed in a car crash from Jo-Burg, and when the mother found out, she died of a heart attack. I can see why Angelina adopts children like these. They have the biggest smiles and they warm your heart.

Our manager at the lodge was at the casino by Richard's bay the night before last, and 10 robbers with machine guns entered. He said he ducked and ran out. The robbers left with nothing and 6 of them were shot to death in the parking lot and 4 were caught by a roadblock.

We have met some great people that we share our game drive with every day, most from the Seattle area, one couple from Ohio and one from Boston.

The computer is beeping and don't know what it means so I will send this now and catch up later!
Love to all!