Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 6th

Awwwe thanks You You! Yes I am feeling better. I am now taking cipro so that should knock out anything.

We had another awesome thnderstorm last night. So cool.

As you can see no luck on the photo card. It was dumb for us not to prepare that part before we left. So now we are hoping for something in Richard's Bay which is where we are headed now. We have the name of a taxi driver in RB and will look him up when we ge there.

Our drive yesterday included a baby giraffe and tiny baby warthogs. The only thing we did not see here was the elusive black rhino, but not without effort. We spent all of one drive yesterday
tracking him. Thabani, our guide was a lot of fun.

More this afternoon.

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Lou Ann said...

Yeah drugs!And a baby giraffe!!How cool or as Lexie would have said "oohhhh baaaaaaaabeee!! where da mama?" I've gotta see that picture.

I hope the next place is as fun.

U-U & Lexie Lou