Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9th, 10th

Here are some more pictures-we just woke from a nap. I got to shed one of my sweatshirts and my shirt underneath, so I am down to 1 sweatshirt! Bring on the heat. Still cloudy, and before we got here it was probably pushing 110 degrees, so most of the people here are actually enjoying this. There is a lot we have missed at this location because of the weather, such as the tree top viewing platform and the pool. Just too cloudy, windy and cool.

this is what I saw from my mirror while drying my hair. There were probably 30 or more and very interesting to watch. The male who was out in front, stopped in front of the watering hole(2nd picture) and guarded as the herd passed. Once they all passed safely, he took a drink of water and headed up the rear. They passed by 4 times, back and forth.

Ok I give up-I can load no more, More later..

It is now later..

November 10th

We decided not to do the drive this morning, and David is still sleeping. We leave here at about 10:30 for Inyati. From what we hear there are many animals down there, but really how many more could there possibly be? lol We would love though to see some hyena or wild dog. I hear the dogs are pretty elusive.

I had ostriche last night, and surprisingly not like chicken! It was like beef and very good.

On our drive last night when we stopped for sundowners, we heard a couple roars of lions. So we tracked them and they were the 2 males that went back to daddy. We were on the top of a levy, with another vehicle who pulled up behind us and the lions decided to set up camp in between the 2 vehicles. They truely could care less about us. But they trapped us because we were the 1st vehicle. Our driver started to back up toward them and they finally mozied off. It was awesome to see them on the move. Usually they are napping.

The leopard was there as I had hoped. The cats are definitely my favorite. Very beautiful

Hopefully I will be able to get online at Inyati. Maybe it will even be faster. I don't ask for much. Just some warmth. It was rainy when we woke up this am. It is much warmer now and bearable. Off to Inyati!