Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th

Well still not feeling well so I am now taking antibiotics. Hope that will help, I am sure it will. Surely hadn't planned on dieting on vacation.

Yesterday while we were hanging out in the room, we watched a vervet monkey hauling butt past our room, followed by an empty water bottle. Of course we had to find out why, and the monkey's had stolen sugar packs from the maid. So we watched them open them and eat 'em. Sugar all over their face. Mom's had babies in tow under their bellies.

On our drive last night we got to see 3 bull elephants. They are very big and beautiful. This morning we saw 1 week old warthogs. Soooo cute!

I am really hoping to get something to get photos up this afternoon from somewhere that seems to resemble Walmart, with the smiley face and all.

Tomorrow we head to Richard's Bay overnight and hoping to check out the Indian ocean. Then off to Kruger! We now have suitcase paranoia.

Thanks Gudrun for checking on our trip tomorrow and your interesting ele stories!

Thanks You You for your following too and it is good to hear from you!
I will be back later after the trip to the market.

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Lou Ann said...

Okay - it was easier than I thought to become an offical "follower."

I hope those anti-biotics kick in. It's hard to have fun when you are afraid you'll be sharing your lunch with everyone around you. But even your room sounds like an adventure. If you get board you can always throw some food outside your window and see who comes to get it!

Lou Ann