Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th

Good morning,

Let me first thank my followers-Sean, Gudrun and Paula. Nice to see the faces! And for all who are leaving comments. It makes me feel a little less far away. Oomps, sounds like Halloween was a hit! I hate those invisible curbs, but if I remember correctly, we seemed to hit one of those every year. Sorry I missed this one. Hi to Mom and Dan too.

You You, I am glad to hear I dream of Jeannie was a one of a kind out there! Yes, I was concerned of the doctor thing this morning, which is why I am writing now. I had some very bad cramps this morning, chills and you know what goes along with that. I was supposed to be on a game drive right now, but we stayed back. I wanted Dave close, so he didn't go either. But I am happy to report I am feeling better now.

Gudrun, thank you for your babysitting. It makes me feel much more comfortable with you having my back!! I was going to try to call you and have you update for me, but with the storm, we had no phone either. Thanks!

We were viewing what we believe was our 1st male elephant through our binocs from our deck this morning. I don't believe we will see any cats here, but more of an opportunity at our Kruger lodges. I am pretty apprehensive around the elephants-they have a baby and seem to be more on the aggressive side. We had to back up a few times as one of them were getting a little too close for comfort. But we have gotten killer photos of most everything we see so I cannot wait to share them with you. We switched lodges yesterday and our view here is spectacular!!! I can't wait for it to clear up and warm up so it will really be perfect! I am hoping to get a new plug that will support our camera card if we go to the market today. I am excited to share photos!
I will check in later!
Love, Julie
PS Sorry about #2 but we love you!


Lou Ann said...

Hey Jules,

Sorry to hear about "Africa's Revenge" but I'm not surprised. I'm sure things are made and grown a little differently there. Hang in there, this too shall pass - hee hee. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Feel better and get back out there for more pictures and fun.

Lou Ann

PS - I'm "following" your blog I just don't know how to do it offically.

Gudrun MacDonald said...

Hi Julie, It could be that the water does not agree with you or some of the food. I am sure it is nothing serious.
Re the elephant mommys - I know the feeling. They are very protective of their babes and very aggressive. I was chased twice in my life by a cow that decided we were too close. The first time was in Zambia. She chased us at high speed for about 500m when fortunately there was a turnoff onto a loop and we dashed down there. Before getting back on the main road again we stopped, got ontop of the car to peep through the bushes and low and behold, there she was standing at the entrance to the loop, trunk up high and trying to figure out what had happened to us. We had to wait for about 15 minutes before she turned around and joined the herd in the bushes again, before we dared to drive back onto the main road and "fled" in the opposite direction. The second time was in the Caprivi (North-Eastern Namibia, bordering Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana). My husband was a ranger and made the mistake of switching off the engine to take a phote of this big herd of females. We did not at that time realize that they had a newly born calf in their midst. Then all of a sudden they realized we were there and the big cow was doing a mock charge. We quickly started the car but it stalled and the few minutes it took to get it going seemed like an eternity to me. If she had decided to really come for us we would have been "mash". It is incredible how fast these big animals can move. Andrenalin injection for sure.
I will phone the PH RCB this afternoon to check that everything is still ok, that they received my payment and won't forget to pack your breakfast for you.
Hope you have a great day today!