Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31

Happy Halloween!!!
Although it doesn't look like we will be able to add pictures, I can at least update you for now.
Our flights were long but not too extremely bad. Our connecting flight on KLM was actually decent. We were upgraded to business class on a 747! and had some room.

We caught a KILLER thunderstorm that stretched probably 500 miles and it was non stop lightening. I have heard they are like that, and the guy we ate breakfast next to this morning at the airport confirmed that. He was from Chicago, but lives here now and says they scare the crap out of him.

We got in on time last night, and was picked up by a guy (who was holding my name up) at the airport who drove about a '73 toyota, personal car. It wouldn't start when it was time to go. We weren't sure at that point if we were going to our hotel or some scary alley. He didn't speak english either. We were happy to find we did in fact go to the hotel. Also kind of scary. But we did sleep a little and left for the airport early.

Our plane to Richards Bay was a prop. Kind of scary landing but that isn't the scariest part.
Our luggage made it all the way from Seattle to Jo-Burg, but didn' make it here. It was supposed
to be on the 3:00 flight, but didn't make that one either. The people at the Lodge here say that it sometimes takes 3-4 days!!!! Holy Crap!!! That would really suck. So we just sit and wait.

We chose to kick back instead of going on our first game drive this afternoon. We're a little tired. But we have seen some animals, lizards, and some awesome birds. The weather is totally overcast, but comfortable. Our room is a tent, canvas and all but sturdy and seems to be bug proof for the most part. So it will be interesting if we do get one of those thunderstorms. Davids saw on the news they were calling for it.

We have some Seattle-ites around us...all won auctions. The rest seem to be German.

The guy who drove us from Richards Bay is a Zulu. Very interesting to speak to. I will give you more input on him later, but stories like if he were to get married he would have to give the father of the bride 11 cows. They cost R5000 ea which is a whole bunch of money for these people.

Ok we are going to the bar now to drown our luggage sorrows. Maybe if we drink enough we won't worry about whether or not we have clothes.

Love to all, more tomorrow.
I will see if I can figure out the picture thing.


Lou Ann said...

I'm so glad you made it and I'm sorry about the luggage but who cares what you're in Africa, in a tent. You had better go on the outing tomorrow. The animals will probably come closer if you are in stinky clothes rather than smelling like Tide. So jump in that jeep tomorrow and go meet a lion or giraffe or something!

Have fun!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Jules said...

Soooo happy everything is okay, I mean you guys made it safely! More details about the animals, and your not aloud to miss anymore safari trips, you can sleep when you get home!!!!!hahaha. Love you guys. Taking the kids trick or treating now....yes dad I will check the candy. Love You Shannon Rhea:)