Friday, October 31, 2008

November 1st

REWARD for anyone who can get us our luggage! Especially my smokes! Although it may sound funny I am just shy of crying. It is not like there are lots of stores in the area. We have called the Johannesburg South African Airways and all they said was they don't have it. Is it in Dubai or what? Ok, so it was supposed to be in Richards Bay airport. Our baggage numbers are SA244822 and SA244823. GUDRUN HELP!! lol
Other than that, last night David was "seeing wierd" which means onset of a migraine. So he went to bed at 4:30pm. I wandered around, keeping an eye on the last 5 smokes in my pack, and finally gave in to boredom and went to bed at 8:00.
We were just informed that sometimes people never receive their baggage and it happens all the time. I never realized how much I loved my suitcase. It was a thing of beauty.
OK, I am signing off for now. Hopefully I will have a better report next time. You You I am trying to stay positive, but it is not looking good.


Lou Ann said...

So ask your guide to get you some local weed I mean smokes and see what he comes up with. When in Rome and all that. I hope David's headache is better so you can both enjoy the safari tomorrow!@!

Be one with nature and have fun.

Lou Ann

Gudrun MacDonald said...

Julie, I am so sorry that your luggage still has not arrived. Will go to the office just now and try and find out how I can help. There was another flight this morning SA 1613 arr RCB at 10h05. Hopefully it is on this flight. If however the idiots sent it to DBX (obviously someone could not read or does not know airport codes) it could take time. The next flight from JNB to RCB is only tomorrow SA 1609 arr at 11h55. You will need to get to RCB airport somehow (don't know whether they offer free shuttle services) and complete a form to claim money from SAA to buy yourselves some clothes. If they can not get your luggage to you within 24hrs they need to pay you a certain amount to buy a set of clothes and toiletries!! With your german surname you can threaten them: Ve german hve vays an means to make ur heads roll!!! :-) Don't let on to the other gerries in camp though that your surname is german - they will think u can talk de lingo and rattle off in some or other german dialect which even I wont understand.
Keep ur head up and enjoy whatever you can - but don't ask the guide for "Dagga" (pronounced dacha) and is our local weed. It is illegal and u dont wanna end up in an SA jail! Rather bum some cigarettes!
I will see what I can do about tracing the luggage but in won't be easy sitting down here in the south and on a Saturday. But I will try.