Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

This is Shannon with an update to the just begun adventure of Dad & Julie (aka: David & Julie). Well they've officially left for the airport but to there dismay have already run into drama. On they're way to the airport, the airporter almost left David stranded at one of the multiple pick-up points because he (literally with a long sigh and abrupt slam into park) felt David's bathroom run was unacceptable, even though "usually" there is a lengthy wait for on coming passengers. Okay David 's back, now to the airport. They got there and Airfrance is delayed 1 & 1/2 hrs which would mean they wouldn't make there connecting fights in Paris on time. they're flying Northwest Airlines to Amsterdam with a 2 hr layover for a quick "ROYAL CHEESEBURGER" (Pulp Fiction to all that can't remember.) and maybe a little "SPECIAL" dessert. As of this point they do not have, and can not get they're boarding passes from Amsterdam to Johannesburg until landing in Amsterdam so all I can say is good luck to them and we'll see.............


Lou Ann said...

Did you really expect it to go smoothly with all the problems you've had with the flights up to this point? Hopefully the lions & tigers & bears will treat you better than Air France!
Lou Ann

Gudrun MacDonald said...

Hope you arrived safely in Jo'burg - will try and phone you but don't want to disturb - you must be really tired by now. If I don't get hold of you tonight I will try and get hold of you at Zulu Nyala over the w/e some time.
Enjoy and remember "Hakuna Matata" - don't worry - be happy!
I'll stay with you all the way!