Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st part deux

WOOOO HOOOOOO Luggage just arrived!!!! We can now start relaxing and enjoying! I actually bought a pack of smokes from someone who worked here, for zar20, which I am guessing was a mark-up. It was only 2.00 us and I would've paid 20. us at the time. David also found the glasses he never lost too! They were in the room the whole time.
We went on our first safari and it was fabulous! We saw white rhino, cape buffalo, giraffe, several types of buck type animals, monkeys and lots of cool birds. I have lots of pictures, but cannot get them up.

The night was interesting staying in a "tent". Although it is nicely done inside, the monkeys scratching on the canvas, lizards running back and forth inside, and the bat footsteps crawling in
between the canvases in the morning were a little unnerving. I will freak if a bat starts flying on the inside, or if I run into spiders. Through most of this Dad slept. I myself, barely. At least I got to watch the lizards, they kept me company.

Ok off to lunch, then another game drive. This time with clean clothes(for David, I had a spare pair) WOOO HOOOOO

Gudrun you are the BESTEST!!! Thank you much for following along and trying to help!! Also, you are correct. We had a whole tour bus of Germans this morning, and I made the mistake of saying, you know, Guten Morgen. Yep, didn't understand a thing!
Love you all,


Gudrun MacDonald said...

Well - I am really happy that you have your clothes and that nothing was stolen. That was my biggest worry, that when the cases arrive they would arrive minus the cigarettes and your clothes. So now that everything is there you can start to enjoy your vacation. And I promise that when you get to Kings Camp and Inyati there will be solid walls and no monkeys or bats trying to get in through the roof. It will be heaven! Hope you have a better night and will get to get close to some lions!

Shannon said...

Heyya oomps Hi dad,
Well glad all is well. So no elephants yet!?! Trick or treating went good, despite the 4 wipeouts buckets included, plus Jarons ejection from stroller (we hit the invisible curb). Trevon was the hit of the night, SGT. Pichler. Lots-o-candy probably years worth. Well hope you guys are enjoying yourself, Remember "once in a life time". Love you guys Shannon Rhea
PS: failed test#2 >:{ Dan says Hi!

Lou Ann said...

Yaah whoo! Soooo glad to hear you guys are now the least smelly things in camp. Just think of the lizards, bats & bugs as atmosphere - you know like those nature sound tapes people listen to as they go to sleep.

I'm so glad you are getting out there with the animals. I would have been so bummed if you had just sat around the tent waiting for cigs and clothes. I hope you see lions and elephants and warthogs and what is Timon? A rat of some kind right? I don't know. You are the animal expert Jules. Just have fun and get tons of pictures.

Lexie and her I Dream of Jeannie costume was a big hit and I didn't see another one like it so I was happy too. We'll swap pictures when you get back.

Be safe and don't try the local weed after all if it's going to get you thrown in the can. Imagine what that is like!

Lou Ann

Gudrun MacDonald said...

No further reports??? Hope you were not eaten by lions or that a rhino decided to pick you up on its horn?

Danka said...

it is very interesting to "take part on your trip" on this way.
I hope, after some troubles you had, you will spend only beatiful days in Africa.

Gudrun MacDonald said...

Hi - you guys are either verrrryyy busy enjoying game drives, walks and talks or something is seriously wrong. Let's hear what you've been up to!